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Find your local Big Deal Burger location

Here at Big Deal Burger in Mabank, TX we are a fun and family-friendly restaurant offering up the best BBQ burgers for both your BBQ and Burger cravings. Barbecue and Burgers – These 2 great concepts have combined to make an amazing American Burger! That’s what you get at Big Deal Burger. Get your burgers stacked and filled with mouth-watering BBQ meats, meat patty, and toppings between two toasted brioche buns. Take for example the El Fuego Burger that is a double burger covered with smoked brisket, spicy jalapeños cheese sauce, onion tanglers and pickled jalapeños served on two toasted brioche buns. Add more crispy onion tanglers but as a side to your Big Deal Burger. For those who would rather just go to the BBQ only side we have BBQ smoked marinated chicken, smoked polish sausage, and even grilled cheese (a kid favorite). So whether you and your family are hanging out at the East Texas Arboretum or celebrating the Mabank High School Panther’s win, come grab some smoke burgers at Big Deal Burger.

Best Burgers With Barbecue History

Big Deal Burger belongs to the Dickey’s Barbecue Pit restaurant family. And you know what that means? You’ll be holding in your very hands the best burgers that are pit smoked to perfection. Premium smoked meats such as Cheddar Jalapeno Kielbasa and brisket are smoked daily on-site by our diligent Dickey’s pit bosses. Since the inception of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in 1941, Travis Dickey demonstrated persistence and dedication to create the best and most authentic Texas barbecue ever. Mr. Dickey’s wife Ollie Dickey and Mr. Dickey started their first restaurant in Dallas, Texas smoking meats the hickory way. To this day his passion has allowed Dickeys to expand to more than 550 locations in 44 states (even internationally). That is a whole lot of smoked meats enjoyed by many the Dickey’s way. Big Deal Burger offers you the same quality of barbecue by Dickey’s on top of a delicious burger. Try the new concepts of Big Deal Burgers that will bring comfort and fun to you and your family. Bring the southern hospitality home with one of the Bad ss burger, tea, and southern sides.